Fun in the Sun….

87598347-484F-4FBC-860C-504A479E7324.JPGI write for the Christian Unschooling website. Most of the other writers live in the Northern Hemisphere, where they are currently sweltering under the summer sun, so it made sense that the topic for this month was to do with how learning continues even during “summer holidays”. I found it hard to write, being as I’m currently sitting here snuggled up in my warm winter woollens, with the heater maxed out, and I’m still cold! But nonetheless, it was kind of fun teleporting to a different time of year and reflecting on the joy of summer holidays, and the continuity of learning throughout all the seasons of life.

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Karen Lee

FAMILY: Married since 1989 (does that make me old?), a full-time Mum since 1993, and unschooling my kids since 2005. On a journey of learning to live free and fully loved as God intended, following Jesus rather than an institution or "religion". Caring for the world and its people as best as I can.